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It's Simple. It's Smart.

  • - We take school portraits
  • - We post them on our website
  • - You buy them
  • - We ship them directly to you

Ordering Protraits is Easy

  • Step 1: Go to the photo search page.
  • Step 2: Enter your school code found on your postcard or school flyer.
  • Step 3: Find and crop your photos.
  • Step 4: Purchase securely online.

What's the Big Deal?sub_content

  • Envelope No Envelopes or Prepay All school portraits are purchased on our website after they are taken.
  • Envelope No One Left Out We take pictures of everyone present. No up-front money is required.
  • Envelope See It Before You Buy It Why should you buy a photo you haven't seen? You shouldn't.
  • Envelope No Confusing Photo Packages We carry hundreds of photo products. You choose what you want and how many. No confusing photo packages.

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"When are these people gonna get with it and let us buy the original JPEGs, so we can print whatever we feel like?"
David Pogue - NewYork Times

We have an answer, David. Not only will we let you buy the original photo file, we will let you see it before you buy it. Our smart digital photo system takes all the pain out of picture day. Want to see how it works?